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Bhutan Travel Tips

Travel/Medical Insurance

We recommend all traveller to get their own travel insurance . 


Bhutan’s currency is the Ngultrum (Nu.) that is at par with the Indian rupee.  US dollar are also accepted only at certain shops, restaurants and hotels.  Generally, credits cards are not accepted with the exception of hotels.


Almost all hotels in Thimphu and Paro have internet access. Mobile (cell) phone is also widely used with international roaming facilities.


Bhutan is an ideal place for photographers offering immense opportunities for photography especially our outdoor sightseeing trips. However, indoor  photography is not allowed inside Dzongs, temples, monasteries and religious institutions, unless you have a special permit  from the Department of Culture.  Nevertheless, you can capture images of the landscapes, panoramic views of the mountain ranges, the rural folk life, the flora and fauna, the Bhutanese architecture and the Dzongs and Chortens in particular.


 You may shop for a a variety of goods that  like hand-woven textiles that is either in raw silk or silk, carved masks of various animals, woven baskets of cane and bamboo, wooden bowls known as Dapas, handmade paper products or finely crafted gods of silver.  There are also shop  that sell beautiful thangkha paintings and Bhutan’s exquisite postage stamp.  There are many handicraft shops in and around Thimphu and Paro.  

Tipping Guide

Tipping is generally only for your guide & driver,  hotel porters, and trekking crew, as for the rest tipping is generaly discourage.  For children accompany with you,  please do not include them in the tipping formula and only adults need to tip.

  • 1- 2 persons travelling: US$8 - 10 per person per day for your guide & USD5 - 7 per person per day for your driver 
  • 3 -8 persons travelling: USD6 -  8 per person per day for your guide & USD3 - 5 per person per day for your driver
  • 8-16 persons travelling:USD4 -  6 per person per day for your guide & USD3 - 5 per person per day for your driver

For travellers that are staying more than 8 nights, we recommend a slightly lower rate to be paid for your guide and driver tips, at your own discretion.

Tipping for Treks:

You will also need to tip your trekking cooks and horsemen (not structure to day hikes).  Normaly, your trekking guide will be with you throughout your entire journey, tip your guide & driver at the end of your tour using the formula above.

We recommend the below total tips for the entire cook/horsemen crew and not per person.

Tips for 5 trekkers or less:

Short treks 4 nights or less :       total USD80 to the cook/s & total US$50 to the horsemen

Longer treks 5 night plus    :        total USD150 to the cook/s & total US$80 to the horsemen

Tips for 6 trekkers or more:

Short treks 4 nights or less :      total US$150 to the cook/s & total US$100 to the horsemen

Longer treks 5 nights plus :       total USD200 to the cook/s & total USD150 to the horsemen